The State Archive of Catania

It was established as a provincial archive in execution of the Royal Decree of 1 August 1843, n. 8309, which extended the establishment of the provincial archives to the Domains beyond the Faro, reporting directly to the secretary of the steward. But the political situation of the time delayed its implementation, so that it, first among the provincial archives in Sicily, was inaugurated only on 12 January 1854, the anniversary of the birth of King Ferdinando II. On this subject the law of 20 March 1865, n. 2248 and, the following year, the royal decree 21 January 1866, n. 2781; by virtue of which the Catania archive was entrusted to the provincial administration, like all the others existing in southern Italy. During fascism its name underwent a slight modification: it became that of a provincial state archive; this by virtue of the Royal Decree of 22 September 1932, n. 1931, which included in the state roles the staff of the archives of the Neapolitan and Sicilian provinces; and this remained until 1940, when it became a section of the State archive, in execution of the law of 22 December 1939, n. 2006. With the entry into force of the decree of the President of the Republic September 30th 1963, n. 1409 the denomination became "State Archive".

His first seat was the Palazzo Boccadifuoco at the Marina, from where, in 1868, he was transferred to the former convent of the Dominican fathers under the title of Saint Catherine of Siena to the Rosary, located in Via Vittorio Emanuele II 156, its current seat.

Since 1854 they have followed in the direction of the institute, as owners or regents: Francesco di Paola Bertucci, Giuseppe Marchese Longo, still Francesco di Paola Bertucci, Francesco Vitale, Benedetto Bufardeci, still Francesco Vitale, Giuseppe Percolla, Raffaele Patanè, Giuseppe Nicosia, Matteo Gaudioso, Giovanni Cassandra, Benedetto Nicolini, Ugo Rossi (as prefectural commissioner and with the direct collaboration of Paolo Di Giorgio), again Matteo Gaudioso, Domenico Amico, Angela Rizza Romeo, Gino Nigro, Pietro Burgarella, Renata Rizzo Pavone, Cristina Grasso Naddei, Aldo Sparti, Claudio Concetto Torrisi, Cristina Grasso Naddei, Anna Maria Iozzia, Maria Sofia Sicurezza, Maria Nunzia Villarosa