Chi siamo

We are a peripheral organ of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, and we depend on the General Directorate of Archives. We as a "mission" the preservation, protection, research and enhancement of documentary heritage, the management of services to the public, the training activities in the province. In carrying out our corporate activities we are inspired by the principles of: Equality and impartiality. Our services are rendered on the basis of the principle of equality, and guarantee, therefore, equal treatment of all citizens, regardless of nationality, sex, language, religion, political opinion. Continuity. We guarantee continuity and regularity in the provision of services. In case of difficulties or obstacles we are committed to warn users in advance and to take all necessary measures to minimize any inconvenience. Participation. We promote the information on our activities and, in operating the management decisions, we take account of the needs expressed and the suggestions made by the users, individually or collectively. Efficiency and effectiveness. We pursue the goal of continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our services, adopting the technological solutions, more efficient organizational and procedural measures to that end.

Our director is Dr. Maria Nunzia Villarosa

Our headquarters is located Via Vittorio Emanuele, 156 - 95131 Catania

Tel: 0957159860

Fax: 0957150465